Shipping information.

Delivery ways

As per delivery of his/her purchase, a customer can choose his/her own residence or domicile, his/her working place or any private address of someone of his/her choice whose residence or domicile is within the boundaries of the European Union and outside the European Union other than Black-listed countries.

Our products can be delivered to the address given by our customers only after the regular credit entry of payment concerning an order.

In case of, on delivery, a parcel looks damaged; a customer should open it in the presence of the carrier to check the condition of its contents.

For security reasons, deliveries to P.O. boxes can't be made and orders can't be carried out. As regards any order made through website,Luce Montecarlo is not obliged to invoice a customer unless it is clearly required by the customer himself/herself  at the time of transaction as per article 22 paragraph 1 number 1 D.P.R. 633/1972. No change in a receipt is possible after its issue.

Delivery charges are receiver's account and are clearly highlighted in order forms. They may change according to forwarding details and to place of delivery. All products will be delivered by courier.


Orders will be carried out and products delivered from Monday to Friday (holidays and national holidays excepted). Luce Montecarlo is not responsible for unexpected delays and,( acts of God excepted) products will be delivered within 30(thirty) days starting from the next day a customer has confirmed his/her order to Luce Montecarlo.

When goods are delivered, a customer or one of his/her representatives must be present at the address written in the order form. Besides he/she must check:

  1. that the number of packages to be delivered corresponds to what is written in the carriage note;

  2. that packaging appears neither damaged nor wet but fully fit also in its closing wrapping.

Possible damages to packaging and/ or products or a missing number of packages or indications must be immediately notified by quoting relevant remarks onto delivery receipt of the courier. Once signed the courier's delivery receipt, without remarks, no claims about the external look of the package will be allowed.

In case Luce Montecarlo is not able to deliver goods due to temporary unexpected unavailability of their products they will inform their customers in time, anyway not beyond 30 days by e-mail. The sum of money already paid by customers will be refunded as soon as possible, anyway not beyond 30 days from the receipt of purchase orders.

Number of consignment

Luce Montecarlo will send an e-mail of confirmation once products are forwarded. In order to guarantee the safety of the delivery of products Luce Montecarlo will save the number of each consignment.


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