Isabel Fargnoli started in 2018 to create a luxury brand that empowers women. 

The brand was conceived as a high-end ethical beachwear collection crafted to provide women the confidence to live life at best without worrying about artificial standards of beauty.

Isabel Fargnoli is ethically & lovingly created with the highest level of craftsmanship in Italy to last over time.

The garments are carefully hand crafted in Neapolitan laboratories with the finest Italian sourced bio-based polyamide, most of which come from recycled & eco sustainable sources. The brand takes distances from fast fashion providing a high-quality long-lasting product.

Our mission is to portray beauty in all women making them feel strong & confident.

Swimwear are delicate garments that when worn must give confidence. Women must feel confident with their body, that’s why the quality of our fabric and finishes are fundamental to shape it. The feminine, elegant, and trendy designs are made to perfectly fit everyone from a size 1 to a 5. 

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